Cultural diplomacy and contemporary art / Open Discussion

Victor Sydorenko exhibition in Washington

September 15, 2016


Victor Sydorenko, artist and director of the Institute of Contemporary Art National Academy of Ukraine

Kateryna Smagliy, director of the Kennan Institute in Ukraine

Andriy Ermolayev, director of the Institute of Strategic Studies "New Ukraine"

Viktor Shcherbina, chief adviser of the Institute of Strategic Studies "New Ukraine"

Petro Bagriy,“Lumier Pharma”

Olga Zhuk, head of the Cultural diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine


Natalia Moussienko and Natalia Shpytkovska, Modern Art Research Institute of Ukraine

The topic for discussion will be the role of cultural diplomacy for creating international image of Ukraine. In particular, the successful example is the exhibition of the famous Ukrainian contemporary artist Victor Sydorenko. Victor’s exhibition takes place at the Wilson Centre in Washington since June and will last until the end of October, 2016

The artist addresses important themes of memory and time, reconsiders attempts to get rid of totalitarian world-view to achieve a new level of social communication. The exhibition was recognized as relevant to the current situation in Ukraine, giving clue for better understanding of processes in the country. Through contemporary art viewers could see specifics of Ukrainian self-identification and self-perception.

The exhibition is consonant to the major issues that are being studied at the Wilson Centre, namely at the Kennan Institute that plays an important role in supporting and promoting Ukrainian cultural diplomacy.

Discussion to be held on the 15th of September will be purposed to understand importance of such projects and cultural diplomacy as a perspective way of international relations.

The Project is organized under support of the Institute of strategic studies "New Ukraine" and the company “Lumier Pharma”, institutional support given by the Kennan Institute in Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, America House in Ukraine, Modern Art Research Institute and Artcult Foundation.

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All interested are wellcomed to join the discussion.


Thursday, 15 September, 201615:30-17:00Ukraine, Mykoly Pymonenka St, 6, Kyiv, Ukraine

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