Ukrainian Insights

United Nations, New York

May 15 – 26, 2017

Ukrainian Insights

Project art-director: Tamara Shevchenko

Curator: Natalia Shpitkovskaya

Ukrainian Insights

On the May 15th-26th, 2017 at the Headquartes of the United Nations, New York  is exposed the exhibition “Ukrainian Insights” featuring art works by famous Ukrainian contemporary artists: Victor Sydorenko, Oleg Tistol, Mykola Matsenko and Valentin Popov.

The exhibition opening was proceeded by a dialogue about Ukraine with Tim Snyder, author of current NY Times Bestseller “On Tyranny”, famous expert on Eastern Europe history, professor of history of Yale University.

Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Volodymyr Yelchenko, invited guest Timothy Snyder, and the exhibited artists to present the projest at the UN in New York.

Sydorenko, Tistol, Matsenko and Popov present their creative pursuits through a modern worldview perspective. Their works deliver an aesthetic, ideological, philosophical message that defines Ukraine’s national, political and cultural identity.

"Ukrainian Insights" is the embodiment of creative ideas, using the spirit of past experiences to expose insights into the future. The project creates a platform that will further promote Ukraine’s independent identity within the international arena and bring greater recognition to the achievements of its people.

The exhibition at the UN will be open until May 26, 2017.

Address: The headquarters of the United Nations, General Assembly building,

  entrance at 46th Street and First Avenue in New York.

UN Workday Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

The project organizers are:

·  Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations in New York

·  Ministry of Foreign Affiars of Ukraine

·  Modern Art Research Institute at the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

·  Artcult Foundation

Project art-director: Tamara Shevchenko

Curator: Natalia Shpitkovskaya

Project Patron: Orest Kizyk

General partner: Self Reliance New York Federal Credit Union
Logistics partner: MEEST-America,Inc.

Legal partner: Asters

Project partner: SUMA Federal Credit Union

Opening Reception sponsor: Veselka

Publishing partner:  ArtHuss

Partner airlines: Ukrainian International Airlines

Organizational partner: Irina Tarasova

PR support (UA): Shevchuk Marketing

Cultural partner:

Organizers express their gratitude to:

Olga Oleksenko

Armen Khachaturyan

Kostyantyn Kozhemyaka

Jerry Lodynsky

Igor Abramovych

Monica Gerard –Sharp Wambold & Ali E. Wambold

Roger Evans