Neuromarketing and investing in the contemporary art

8.11 Kyiv-Mohyla business-school, 8/5, str. Volos'ka

November 8, 2017

Contemporary art becomes the subject of discussions and speculations. Worship of classic masterpieces is long gone. Modern society overestimates aesthetic values by giving pride of place to the new emotions and ideas. Commercial recognition, record sales of the contemporary artists’ works, shocking news from the art market intrigue the uninitiated. Contemporary art becomes a property of the masses, the subject of market relations, where money sometimes is more important than art...

A fascinating game for economists and a passion for collectors – the art industry increases rapidly, enriching the creative and performing industries.

What is the phenomenon of contemporary art? How to understand it? Is it possible to make an "effective investments" in the art market? What guides the behaviour of people and their preferences of choice? Neuromarketing and neuroesthetics reveal what has been researched and discovered.

Key Issues

-  Phenomenology of contemporary art – neuroesthetics.

-  Laws of neuroestetics, how it works today.

-  Modern art - mutation of the perception of the beauty.

-  Art market and investments in art.

-  Neuromarketing methods and research in the field of art.

-  Modern collecting phenomenology. How to understand contemporary art.

Participants will gain understanding of:

  • - formation of market value of the art objects;
  • - common art market classification of art objects;
  • - factors influencing the recognition and popularity of artists;
  • - approaches to collecting and investing in art;
  • - what is neuroesthetics, basic laws and trends;
  • - what is neuromarketing, the possibilities for the art objects’ evaluation;
  • - basic perceptual model;
  • - the role of emotions in the decision-making process;
  • - the process of neuromarketing research;
  • - practical aspects of the neuromarketing applicability.

Target audience:

Top management and company owners, marketing specialists, gallery owners and art-dealers, artists and creative community, public leaders.


Shevchuk Pavel

Practicing consultant. Neuromarketing specialist.

17 years of experience in marketing management. Numerous successful brands are brought by him to the market, among them Zhivchik, Prozora mineral water, Hike beer.

Developed and implemented a marketing strategy for TM Inkerman, Havrylivsky Kurchata, Cheese Club, Obolon etc. All the projects of Pavel are leading to success.

Worked in various markets of FMCG, gave an advisory opinion for banking sector, foodservice industry, social projects, IT, advertising industry.

Core Competencies - strategic marketing, product development, communications and promotion, manufacturing and marketing innovations. Lecturer at the MIM MBA program. Awarded for the implemented projects with the Golden Propeller, Black Belt DM, EFFIE.

Nataliia Shpitkovskaia

Art Investment Expert, co-founder of Artcult Foundation, Director of the International Projects of the Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. curator, art-manager and consultant.

Implemented over 50 exhibition projects in Ukraine and abroad, including exhibitions in Washington and New York, as well as the local projects, involving world-renowned artists and curators. Works in collaboration with the leading auction houses and world galleries. International art events correspondent (biennale, art fairs, exhibitions and auctions), international art market expert, Ukrainian and foreign collectors’ adviser.