Ukrainian Street Art Is About To Hit The Film Festival In Switzerland

November 24, 2019

This Sunday, November 24th, Ukrainian film “Rain Project” (Proekt Doschu) will be shown in Zurich. The main role is played by the Ukrainian artist Gamlet Zinkivsky. 

In May-June 2019 the Contemporary Art Center M17 opened the solo exhibition “Nothing Extra” by the Kharkiv-based artist. He is the one, who represented our country at Venice Biennale, his artworks have been shown in exhibitions in Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, Baltics, Poland, Georgia…

Ukrainian artist creates urban art, distinguished by the graphical style of performance. His works are signed Gam Let (which means “the noise of the years”), emphasizing the social focus of the artworks. 

The film “Rain Project” (Proekt Doschu) directed by Oleg Chorny tells the story about the journey of the artist armed with his brushed to the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, 20 km away from the front line of the confrontation between the Ukrainian armed forces and the Russian troop forces united with the separatists in the Eastern part of Ukraine. The goal of the journey was to create an urban artwork series. The short film story is a part of the Ukrainian street art documentary anthology “Outlines” telling about street art and its creators. 

The name “Rain Project” has been inspired by the words once said by Gamlet himself. The artist mostly paints in the gateways, passes, and arches of the buildings, and he says, the audience ‘meets’ his artworks face to face when hiding from the rain in those gateways and arches, and that is actually “the rain project”. 

The film had a success in a range of film festivals before: in Ukraine, Europe and the USA, and has been awarded with the Gold Award at the film festival Spotlight Documentary Film Award (Atlanta, USA).

The film presentation will be followed by the talk with the main character – the artist Gamlet Zinkivsky.