Homo Artis

ARTСult Foundation is the Partner of the event

December 2 – 23, 2021

The M17 Contemporary Art Center is organizing a new public program — a series of talks Homo Artis

Homo Artis is a series of conversations in which speakers from various fields of the humanities deconstruct the concept of art. After all, this concept has now acquired indefinite boundaries and is widely used as a universal cork. The purpose of this series of conversations is to disassemble and outline the debatable definition of art.

Homo Artis is a point where a philosopher, art critic and historian converge, compare views, and create a common discourse. Developing a common discourse is the main goal of the events. After all, in today’s world, when definitions, even the simplest, are overgrown with definitions, usually ambivalent, people are increasingly faced with conceptual dissonance. Such a dissonance is inherent in the field of art. During the talks, the speakers will try to draw the line between ideas, phenomena and concepts that have arisen and continue to appear in art.

Currently, there are many courses, lectures, webinars on the topic of art. The series of Homo Artis conversations is unique among them in that it creates a discussion field for several speakers on an equal footing with the audience. This is not a hierarchical course of lectures in which the scientist shares knowledge with neophytes. On the contrary, Homo Artis engages in discussion and the creation of a common discourse of all present.

Among the speakers: Taras Lyutyi, Petro Kotlyarov, Yulia Skubytska, Natalia Romanova, Vakhtang Kebuladze, Stefania Demchuk, Serhiy Vasyliyev, Tiberiy Silvashi, Ihor Kozlovsky.

Details of participation at the link: http://m17.artcult.org.ua/homo_artis.

Dates: December 2, 19 and 23, 2021.

Format: live or online.