"Art for Victory. Stand with Ukraine" Auction at ARTSY

supported by ArtCult Gallery

May 6 – June 30, 2022

Bidding opens on May 6th. Please follow the link: https://cutt.ly/gG1A34L

From the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian artists vowed to help their country in any way they could. A Kharkiv-based artist, Gamlet Zinkivskiy managed to sell some of his artworks and donate all the proceeds to the army. He continues to seek financial help to purchase the equipment which Ukrainian forces require. Petro Gronsky, a Ukrainian sculptor, along with other artists helped to preserve Ukrainian cultural heritage by wrapping up sculptures. Victor Sydorenko, a well-known Ukrainian artist, attends Venice Biennale annually, however, this year he was unable to attend the event since he is in charge of the Modern Art Research Institute (Kyiv) and had to take constant care of employees. These examples of socially engaged artists who are willing to do anything to protect Ukraine's freedom are not unitary but apply to many.

The majority of the Ukrainian artists have been deprived of work, detached from their manufacture as well as the necessary tools for projects and ideas realization. Their current focus is on survival and the defense of Ukraine's freedom.

Ukrainian culture is an essential prerequisite for the Ukrainian nation’s vitality and unity, therefore we urge you to join the auction for the sake of Ukraine's victory over Russia's invasion.

The objectives of the auction are to support the existence and stable continuation of the Ukrainian cultural sector in war conditions, to provide financial and material assistance to the artists and cultural workers, as well as to their families, who have found themselves in a difficult lifetime or life-threatening situation, and to promote Ukrainian visual culture and arts around the world.

The auction proceeds will be used to support the programs of the Art for Victory Fund.

One artwork can help thousands of Ukrainians fighting for their freedom