FOREVER & AFTER: New exhibition of Anatoly Gankevich in Kiev, Ukraine by Artcult welcomes from May 25th through July 24th for the exhibition «Forever & After» of Odessa-born artist Anatoly Gankevich – one of the apologists of contemporary art in Ukraine.

20 May 18

Gankevich easily plays with public imagination as it used to be in “Fuji-Golf”, “Blinking” and "Condition of the Explosion", his past exhibitions- remarkable shows in the history of Ukrainian art of the 2000s. The artist is known for his outstanding "mosaic technique." His monumental canvases consist of small pixels, carefully traced particles, that become visually complete at a distance.

What is expected on the “special” project of the artist in Kiev?

Artist's series "Forever" introduced to public for the first time ever, as well as paintings from the series “Blinking”, "Inflorescence", "Subtle Grounds", "Condition of the Explosion". Additionally, the exhibition includes video highlights, assonant with the art from the series "Blinking".

"Thinking on Forever cycle, I was interested in the phenomenon of infinite division, which ultimately leads to nowhere," says the author.

"We selected the new "explosive" paintings of the artist and put together his creations produced in different time. This approach will help to show the "total whole" of Gankevich, and to "feel the artist", says the curator of the exhibition Natalia Shpitkovskaya.

“I am also experiencing the period of forever & after in my life now”, - says the partner of the exhibition Yuliya Gershun, TOPMODEL OF THE WORLD 2017, founder of the charitable foundation "Development of Gifted Children". “My dream is to open my own gallery in Monaco, where I have recently received the title of the 1st beauty queen. I invite the best Ukrainian artists for cooperation. I have no doubts that Anatoly Gankevich's exhibition will have a great success”.

The audience is welcome to visit the exhibition in the city of Kiev from May 25th through July 24th in by Artcult:

6 Baseyna str., Mandarin Plaza, Mandarin Maison, 5-th floor,

The exhibition is open: 10:00-22:00

Additional Information:

Anatoly Gankevich was born in Odessa on August 24, 1965; started artistic activity in 1990. He collaborated with the Gallery of Marat Gelman, who played a key role in shaping the generation of post-Soviet contemporary artists in due time. Since 2006 the artist has focused on his own artistic projects. Lives and works in Odessa and Moscow. His works are in the collections of the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev; Odessa Art Museum, Odessa; and in private and corporate collections. by Artcult – a gallery that has been opened in the space and with the support of MANDARIN MAISON. The curator of the gallery is the Artcult Foundation under the direction of Natalia Shpitkovskaya. Mission of by Artcult: "art to life". In addition to exhibition activities, the gallery cooperates with renown Ukrainian and foreign art experts, providing consulting services and information support.

Exhibition partners:

Arzinger Law Firm

Yuliya Gershun Foundation "Development of Gifted Children"


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