The Atonal Reality. Exhibition project by Viktor Sydorenko

May 31 – June 14, 2018

Viktor Sydorenko is a painter, curator, publicist, researcher. The Member (Academician) and vice-president of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, People's Artist of Ukraine, Art History PhD, Professor of Painting. Director of the Modern Art Research Institute.
The exhibition project Atonal Reality is subordinated to the two-sided search for harmonious in atonal and real in figurative; it raises issues on society, humanism and self-identification of modern human in the context of social and historical processes.
Atonality is not disharmony, but it is an inversion of an integral, universally accepted system, which we are trying to identify and capture verbally for ourselves. 
The sound, from the perspective of Sydorenko, is an ambient energy, surrounding and affecting us.
The rhythm of sound bears its picture, its graphic image or SIGN. Sound waves' streamflow descends to Earth with a certain frequency and affects every cell of living matter. We are the carriers of these frequencies, as well. And, the purer we perceive this sound, the easier it is to become the one named a "creator" or a "creative person".
The sound and its frequency have a huge impact on a person, and the purer we get into resonance with the frequency of the Solar vibrations, the purer sounds the NOTE (tone) of creativity, inspiration, wellbeing and prosperity. The art of Viktor Sydorenko is a rare example of the merger of a powerful imagery of visual embodiment and active research of the problem of interaction between subjects and objects of reality.
Over the past few years, the artist has been working on the phenomenon of the hero, as some expressive metaphor for action, deed, experience and reflection. The hero is integrated in the real context of our society. In the consumer society, where the hero fulfills its wishes. 
Sydorenko's character is a searching figure. It's in the constant search for the point of naming the coordinates where it is located. Self-identification, "authentication", an infinite comparison with yourself are eternally essential.
The fundamental certainty of the vector for research and development of its semantic imagery for Sydorenko was defined back in 1996, in the project "Amnesia", where for the first time appeared a protean character - "a man in pants": a half-dressed man in white underwear, which has been worn in our country for almost a century by all the social strata.
The artist believes that this character remains relevant in 2018. Our unconscious, unanalyzed experience is back into the public consciousness by means of enduring myths and social inhibitions. The past becomes enormous, growing in its extraneousness to the present, expanding its presence and taking space away. Sometimes the past becomes simply infinite.
Exhibition Atonal Reality is dedicated to the hero. A hero of our time with traces of the past on plans for the future, in a frantic desire to get rid not only of the burden and responsibility of his memory, but also of the very possibility of reflection. This hero is in search, this hero is on the road.
The story is still not over...

The exhibition opening is scheduled for May 31st, 3 p.m.

As part of the IV International Music Festival Odessa Classics

June 4th, 2018
 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Odessa, Museum of Western and Eastern Art
9 Pushkinskaya street